Welcome to the new site!

Hello everyone and welcome to the new website.

I previously ran my photography business and endeavours under the name "JW Photography" from 2012-2019. I decided to retire the JW Photography name and do a bit of a re-brand while I am in the small stages of my photography business.

A few reasons as to why I am retiring the JW Photography name.

1. The 'W' is irrelevant now that I'm married! My initials are now 'JS'.

2. I recently moved cities (Kitchener -> Barrie) and I felt that a name change would be best to do now while I'm a bit more unknown in the area.

3. I personally found the name to be boring and generic and wanted a name that would be a reflection of myself and the style of photos that I take.

Why Emerald and Fox?

1. Emerald is my birthstone

2. Fox's are one of my favourite animals!

3. My style of photography seems to reflect these words. I tend to focus on Greens and Browns and neutral type colors in my work and usually prefer to shoot clients in a nature setting.

4. It's kinda catchy AMIRITE.

I am wide open for availability! Please don't hesitate to message me about a shoot :)